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Bachmann unveils blueprint for PSC

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PSC chief reiterates his priorities on the athletes and PSC employees

Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman Richard Bachmann unveiled a comprehensive four-point strategy for the agency during a recent guest appearance at the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) forum held at the PSC offices in Manila.

Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman Richard Bachmann, on Monday’s Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) forum held at the PSC building in Manila, bares his four-point plan for the national sports agency. In this photo, he meets with FIDE Hall of Famer chess grandmaster Eugene Torre at his office. PSC PHOTO

The plan, aimed at guiding the PSC’s actions in the coming months, was met with interest and anticipation by those in attendance.

In his opening message, the PSC chief said, “I’m here to serve the athletes and serve sports, nothing else.”


Bachmann has outlined four vital areas of focus for the agency in the near future. His plan includes streamlining the process for timely distribution of athlete allowances, upgrading facilities to better meet the needs of athletes, providing adequate meals for athletes, and improving the overall operations and management of the PSC.

By prioritizing these areas, he aims to ensure that the PSC can better support and care for the athletes it serves, and drive the organization toward continued success.

He believes that getting to know the athletes is key to serving them well. Thus, he has been making rounds to meet with the athletes, coaches, and officials, rather than remaining confined to his office. He wants to have a firsthand understanding of their needs and be able to support them in a more meaningful way. This has been his focus over the past few weeks.

Since taking on the role of PSC Chief in December, Bachmann prioritized actively engaging with the athletes.

He visited numerous training venues across a range of sports, including gymnastics, water polo, squash, soft tennis, table tennis, swimming, para-athletics, boxing, muay, wushu, athletics, and weightlifting.

Through these visits, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the athletes’ experiences and needs, and ensure that the PSC is better equipped to support them in their pursuits.

The PSC Chief also conducted inspections of PSC-managed facilities with a focus on the quality of sports equipment used by national team athletes. With this, he seeks to ensure that the national sports agency provides the best possible resources and support for athletes to succeed in their sports.

Bachmann also said that taking care of the PSC employees is also a critical aspect of his role as chief.

He recognizes that the success of the organization depends on the hard work and dedication of its employees and has stated that he recognizes the importance of supporting them in their roles. By prioritizing the well-being of both athletes and employees, he aims to ensure that the PSC is functioning at its highest potential and ability to make a meaningful impact in the sports community.

PSC Commissioners Olivia Coo, Walter Torres, and Edward Hayco have also been actively engaged with the sports community, visiting various national teams, including the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation, Karate Pilipinas Sports Federation Inc., Philippine Wheelchair Basketball Federation, and the Philippine Paralympic Committee.

This collaborative effort demonstrates the PSC’s commitment to providing comprehensive support for all athletes and organizations in the sports community.

Bachmann has assured the sports community that the PSC board will remain committed to improving the training conditions and support for all national teams.

With the help of partners such as PAGCOR, PCSO, Pocari Sweat Otsuka Solar Philippines, and Pioneer Insurance, the PSC is poised to make meaningful investments and initiatives that will elevate the performance of Philippine athletes and help them reach their full potential.

He also assured that the PSC board will continue to provide support and enhance the training conditions of all national teams in the coming months with support from partners like PAGCOR, PCSO, Pocari Sweat Otsuka Solar Philippines, and Pioneer Insurance.

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