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Boston Celtics rally past the New Orleans Pelicans, 118-112

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CELTICS END 2-GAME SKID. Boston Celtics rally past the New Orleans Pelicans, 118-112, to end their two-game skid at home on Monday night (Tuesday, January 30 in the Philippines). BOSTON CELTICS PHOTO

Jayson Tatum led the charge as the Boston Celtics rallied past the New Orleans Pelicans 118-112 on Monday night (Tuesday, January 30 in the Philippines), snapping a two-game skid at home.
Tatum scored 12 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter, showcasing his clutch performances when it matters most.
The Celtics, who began the season with an impressive 20-0 record at TD Garden, faced adversity with back-to-back home losses.
However, Tatum and his teammates reminded everyone why they are a force to be reckoned with in their home arena.
Jaylen Brown played a crucial role, contributing 22 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Jrue Holiday and Derrick White added 20 and 17 points, respectively, contributing to the balanced offensive effort for the Celtics.
Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla stressed the importance of earning a win every night and avoiding a sense of entitlement.
The victory over the Pelicans showcased the team’s ability to learn from its shortcomings and maintain a relentless approach throughout the game.
Brown underscored the team’s commitment to consistency, saying that they made no excuses. Although it’s tough, they have to be the best version of themselves.
Despite the Pelicans leading by 17 in the first half, the Celtics tightened up their defense in the final two quarters. Brandon Ingram led the Pelicans with 28 points, and Zion Williamson added 26.
However, New Orleans struggled with turnovers in the crucial moments of the fourth quarter.
The Celtics executed a 13-3 run in the fourth quarter, tying the game at 94 with just over six minutes to play. Derrick White’s 3-pointer and a steal by Tatum, punctuated with a two-handed dunk, turned the tide in favor of the Celtics.
Tatum’s steal and another powerful dunk extended Boston’s lead, and the Celtics never looked back. Tatum’s overall impact in the fourth quarter propelled the Celtics to a well-deserved victory.
While the Pelicans fought hard, their efforts fell short as the Celtics secured the win. Zion Williamson expressed optimism about his physical condition and the team’s progress as they look ahead to the playoffs.
The Celtics, learning from a slow start, displayed resilience and determination throughout the game. The victory over the Pelicans serves as a testament to their ability to bounce back and thrive in challenging situations, solidifying their reputation as contenders in the Eastern Conference.

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