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Carlos Yulo Eyes Relocating Training Camp In Manila For World Championships

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Filipino gymnastics sensation Carlos Yulo is making a significant change in his training regimen as he eyes a relocation of his camp. Yulo, who has spent the majority of the last seven years training in Japan, is now eager to transfer his training base closer to home in Manila.

Training alongside the national team will help boost his personality and character. It will also be an excellent opportunity for him to help his teammates improve. The 23-year-old gymnast has developed into a world-class champion under his long-time Japanese coach, Munehiro Kugimiya. However, Yulo’s desire to be near his family and friends has intensified, and he believes that being happy and surrounded by loved ones will enhance his performance.

Gymnastics Association of the Philippines (GAP) president Cynthia Carrion-Norton acknowledges the progress Yulo has made in Japan but emphasizes the importance of his happiness. Carrion-Norton understands that while qualifying for the Olympics and winning medals is crucial, Yulo’s well-being and personal growth are equally significant.

Yulo will now split his training between the GAP gymnasium in Intramuros, Manila, and occasional visits to Japan. The upcoming World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, hold great importance for Yulo. He needs to finish in the top eight in the men’s all-around event to secure a spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Furthermore, a medal finish would allow him to showcase his skills in the apparatuses.

The decision to train in Manila also comes with a desire to inspire and motivate his teammates. Yulo, having recently dominated the Asian Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Singapore, winning three gold medals and a silver and bronze, is in good spirits and eager to compete in the World Championships.

The GAP and Yulo are planning to split the three-month training schedule, with one month in Manila and another month in Japan. The focus remains on Yulo’s holistic development and overall well-being, ensuring that he remains happy and motivated throughout the preparation process.

As Yulo looks to the future and his ambitions in the upcoming World Championships, his training camp relocation demonstrates his commitment to excellence while prioritizing his happiness. With his sights set on the Paris Olympics, Yulo aims to inspire his teammates and share his experiences, motivating them to achieve their own goals in the world of gymnastics.

Carlos Yulo’s decision to relocate his training camp reflects his determination to reach new heights while being closer to his support system. The gymnastics world eagerly awaits his performance in the World Championships, where he aims to secure his spot at the pinnacle of the sport, the Olympic Games.

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