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Carlos Yulo Sets Sights On Olympic Qualifier After Stellar Performance In Asian Championships

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Carlos Edriel Yulo, the Filipino gymnastics sensation, has shifted his focus to the upcoming World Artistic Gymnastics Championship, which serves as a gateway to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Yulo’s remarkable performance in the recent Asian championships, where he clinched three gold medals and a silver, has propelled him closer to his Olympic dreams.

Yulo’s dominance in the Asian championships was evident as he secured victories in the men’s floor exercise, vault, and parallel bars, while also earning a silver in the all-around and a bronze in the horizontal bar. His exceptional skills contributed to Team Philippines’ second-place finish overall, with three gold, two silver, and three bronze medals.

Reflecting on his success, Yulo expressed his satisfaction and gratitude in an Instagram post, stating, “It was another successful competition. I qualified for the world championships, and we’re just getting started.” Despite his achievements, Yulo acknowledges that there is still room for improvement as he gears up for the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship, scheduled from September 30 to October 8 in Antwerp, Belgium.

He continued, “There were many challenges prior to and during the competition but I managed to get back on track and perform in my best condition! So thankful for all the people who genuinely supported me — you know who you all are. And thank you so much to GOD for always keeping me safe and well, this is all for you.”

The challenges faced by Yulo during the Asian championships, including a faulty landing in the vault, tested his composure. However, he managed to make amends and secure a combined average score that prevented his competitors from seizing the crown he had previously won in the 2022 Doha continental championships.

Cynthia Carrion-Norton, the president of the Gymnastics Association of the Philippines, recognizes the need for Yulo to continue working hard, stating, “Carlos has a lot of work to do for the world championships as all countries are improving, and he has to do the same.” Yulo’s stellar performance in the Asian championships has not only earned him a spot in the upcoming world meet but also increased his chances of qualifying for the Paris Games next year.

Joining Yulo in the World Championships are fellow gymnasts Aleah Finnegan and Emma Lauren Malabuyo, who achieved bronze and silver medals, respectively, in the women’s events during the Asian championships. Together, they will represent the Philippines and strive to secure their spots in the prestigious Olympic event.

Before embarking on his intensive three-month training with Japanese coach Munehiro Kugimiya, Yulo plans to take a short break in Manila to visit his family. With determination and a steadfast commitment to improvement, Yulo aims to build on his recent successes and continue his journey toward becoming a formidable force in the world of gymnastics. The World Artistic Gymnastics Championship will provide him with the platform to showcase his skills and further cement his status as a rising star in the sport.

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