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Cleveland Cavaliers defy odds, surge towards NBA title contention

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TITLE-CONTENTION. The Cleveland Cavaliers keep their NBA title contention hopes alive as they stretch their winning streak with a 136-110 rout of the Sacramento King on Monday night (Tuesday, February 6, Philippine time). CLEVELAND CAVALIERS PHOTO

The Cleveland Cavaliers have defied expectations and propelled themselves into the NBA title contention conversation with a remarkable run of wins, including a 136-110 rout of the Sacramento Kings on Monday night (Tuesday, February 6, Philippine time).

Donovan Mitchell, the All-Star guard, reflects on the changing narrative surrounding the team, acknowledging the growing media attention that has followed their recent success.

The Cavaliers’ resurgence began on December 16, going 19-4 since then, marking the league’s best record during that span. The unexpected surge kicked off the day after key players, starting point guard Darius Garland and forward Evan Mobley, were sidelined indefinitely due to injuries.

Despite the setbacks, the Cavs transformed into a dynamic and deeper team, with their talent finally coming to the forefront.

The once-present rumors about Coach J.B. Bickerstaff’s potential firing have subsided, replaced by discussions about his Coach of the Year candidacy.

Donovan Mitchell’s future in Cleveland, a topic of speculation, has taken a backseat to the more pressing question of whether the Cavs, playing at a level reminiscent of the LeBron James era, are legitimate title contenders in 2024.

Mitchell emphasizes that the team always believed in its talent, and the recent success is a result of players stepping up when their number was called.

Building an MVP case with an outstanding all-around season, Mitchell attributes the team’s success to finding cohesion and rhythm as a group.

Cleveland’s surge includes a 14-1 record since January 3, propelling them to the No. 2 spot in the Eastern Conference, surpassing the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Cavs have discovered their offensive identity in the absence of Garland and Mobley, focusing on improved ball movement and an increased emphasis on three-point shooting.

Coach Bickerstaff praises the team’s understanding of their roles and the clarity in their playing style.

The team’s reliance on ball movement, three-point shooting, and the emergence of previously overlooked reserves like Craig Porter Jr. and Sam Merrill have contributed to their success.

While the Cavs will need to address their playoff failure from the previous year down the road, their focus remains on the present and the newfound success they have achieved.

Mitchell acknowledges the team’s ascent but remains grounded, emphasizing the need to continue playing as a cohesive group and striving for improvement as the season progresses.

As the wins continue to pile up, the Cavaliers find themselves in the championship conversation, and Coach Bickerstaff receives well-deserved praise for guiding the team through adversity.

Kings coach Mike Brown recognizes Cleveland’s ability to overcome early-season challenges, solidifying their legitimacy as contenders.

With Donovan Mitchell leading the charge, the Cavaliers are making a strong case for themselves in the competitive landscape of the NBA.

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