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Filipino Sensation Kai Sotto Set To Battle Bop NBA Draft Picks In Summer League Showdown With Orlando Magic

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Kai Sotto, the Filipino basketball sensation, is gearing up to showcase his skills and talent as he joins the Orlando Magic roster for the NBA Summer League. 

Sotto will have the opportunity to go head-to-head with some of the top picks from the 2023 NBA Rookie Draft, pitting his abilities against these highly touted young players.

As part of the Orlando Magic Summer League roster, Sotto will be joined by promising talents such as Anthony Black, who was selected as the sixth overall pick, and Jett Howard, the 11th overall pick. 

Additionally, Kevon Harris and Drake Jeffries from the Osceola Magic, along with Dexter Dennis from Texas A&M and Tyger Campbell from UCLA, are set to join the Orlando Summer League squad.

The NBA Summer League, featuring all 30 teams, will kick off on July 7 and span 11 days of exciting basketball action in Las Vegas.

Sotto’s journey in the Summer League will present him with the opportunity to face off against notable first-round picks, including Ausar Thompson of the Detroit Pistons. While Sotto primarily plays as a center or power forward, he could potentially match up against Thompson, a 6-foot-7 winger drafted fifth overall. Thompson had an impressive run in the 2023 Overtime Elite league, where he showcased his skills and earned both the Season Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Finals MVP honors.

In the next matchup, Sotto will face Jarace Walker when the Orlando Magic takes on the Indiana Pacers. Walker, who was drafted eighth overall by Washington and subsequently traded to the Pacers, is a formidable opponent. 

As a power forward standing at 6-foot-8, Sotto will have an opportunity to showcase his skills against Walker, who had a standout freshman season at Houston and was named the American Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year.

The final notable matchup for Sotto will be against Scoot Henderson, a 6-foot-2 point guard drafted third overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. Henderson made an impact in the NBA G-League 2023 season, displaying his scoring, playmaking, and rebounding abilities with the Ignite team.

Aside from these exciting matchups, the Orlando Magic Summer League squad will also face the New York Knicks during their campaign. The schedule for their fifth game is yet to be announced.

As Sotto takes the court against these top picks, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his performance and how he matches up against these talented young players. The NBA Summer League provides a platform for Sotto to continue honing his skills and making his mark on the basketball stage, fueling excitement for his future in the sport.

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