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Gilas Girls Book Semifinals Berth In FIBA U16 Women’s Asian Championship Division B

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The Gilas Girls’ dominance in the FIBA U16 Women’s Asian Championship Division B continued as they secured a convincing 106-58 victory against the host nation, Jordan, advancing to the semifinals in style.

Led by the exceptional play of Kimi Sayson, who contributed 19 points, six assists, four rebounds, and an astonishing seven steals, Gilas Girls set the tone from the opening tip-off. 

Sayson’s ability to disrupt the opposing team’s offense with her tenacious defense was unmatched while making significant contributions on the offensive end. Ava Fajardo provided valuable support, adding 17 points and five assists, while Nevaeh Smith and Kelly Nair showcased their shooting prowess, combining 26 points, including six three-pointers. The contributions of Scarlett Mercado and Demicah Arnaldo on both ends of the court further solidified Gilas Girls’ dominance.

The team’s perfect 3-0 record in Group A secured their place in the semifinals, where they will face the second-seeded team from Group B on July 15. 

With an average winning margin of 69.7 points, Gilas Girls demonstrated their superiority over their opponents. Their upcoming clash against either Malaysia or Singapore in the semifinals presents another opportunity to showcase their skills and fortify their quest for promotion to Division A.

Gilas Girls’ success can be attributed to their outstanding defense, which forced numerous turnovers and translated into scoring opportunities. Their collective effort and exceptional individual performances have firmly established them as formidable contenders in the tournament. 

As they prepare for the semifinals, Gilas Girls are determined to continue their dominant run and exhibit the strength of Philippine basketball on the international stage.

The Gilas Girls showcased their dominance in their previous games by overwhelming Maldives with a staggering 144-22 victory. Their offensive firepower was on full display, leaving no doubt about their superiority. They followed it up with a 79-40 triumph against Hong Kong, further solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with.

As the Gilas Girls progress in the tournament, they have demonstrated the talent, skills, and determination to compete against the best in their age group. 

The stage is set for exciting and fiercely contested semifinal matchups as the Gilas Girls continue their quest for glory and the opportunity to represent the Philippines at the highest level of competition.

With their remarkable performances thus far, the Gilas Girls have proven they are a team to be feared. Their dominance in the FIBA U16 Women’s Asian Championship Division B highlights the growth and potential of Philippine basketball on the international stage. As they strive for promotion to Division A, the Gilas Girls aim to make a lasting impact and inspire future generations of basketball players in the Philippines.

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