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Jalen Green’s 36 points lead Houston Rockets’ 138-104 win over Hornets

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JG IS IT. Jalen Green pours in 36 points to lead the charge for the Houston Rockets who thrashed the Charlotte Hornets, 138-104, Friday night (Saturday morning, January 27, in the Philippines). HOUSTON ROCKETS PHOTO

Jalen Green spearheaded the Houston Rockets’ 138-104 rout of the Charlotte Hornets, pouring in 36 points and showcasing his scoring prowess on Friday night (Saturday morning, January 27, in the Philippines).
The Rockets, who had lost five of their previous six games, found redemption with a resounding victory, thanks to a stellar performance from their emerging star.
Rookie Cam Whitmore delivered a breakout performance, registering a career-high 24 points and contributing 11 rebounds, amplifying the Rockets’ offensive onslaught. The team’s second-half efficiency was staggering, shooting an impressive 75% from the field and outscoring the Hornets by a remarkable 32-point margin.
Fred VanVleet chipped in with 14 points, while Amen Thompson provided a spark off the bench with 13 points, highlighting the Rockets’ depth and scoring versatility.
The Rockets’ dynamic offense, particularly in the second half, overwhelmed the Hornets, leaving them struggling to contain the relentless attacks from Houston’s talented roster.
Despite a promising first half from the Hornets, the Rockets seized control in the third quarter, outscoring Charlotte 44-25. LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller, the Hornets’ key scorers, faced foul trouble and spent significant time on the bench, hampering Charlotte’s ability to mount a comeback.
Cam Whitmore’s cold start turned into a hot streak, as he attacked the basket and found his rhythm, eventually unleashing a barrage of 3-pointers that buried the Hornets.
The Rockets made an astonishing 7 of 8 3-point attempts to open the fourth quarter, extinguishing any hopes of a Charlotte resurgence.
Rockets coach Ime Udoka emphasized the team’s commitment to defensive identity, pointing out that their success stems from guarding at an elite level. The Rockets’ ability to stifle the Hornets defensively allowed them to control the tempo and capitalize on fast-break opportunities.
Green, the focal point of the Rockets’ offense, had a phenomenal night, particularly in the third quarter, where he scored 17 crucial points. His explosive scoring, efficient shooting, and all-around contribution with nine rebounds and four assists underscored his importance to the team.
The victory served as a much-needed boost for the Rockets, who rested their starters in the fourth quarter, allowing them to preserve energy for the upcoming clash against the Brooklyn Nets. Whitmore, echoing his coach’s sentiments, emphasized the importance of carrying the momentum into the next game and maintaining a tough mindset.
Houston’s triumph came despite missing Jabari Smith, who sat out with an ankle injury.
On the other side, the Hornets are grappling with challenges, especially after trading away Terry Rozier and dealing with injuries to key starters Gordon Hayward and Mark Williams.
As the Rockets prepare to face Brooklyn next, the Hornets will look to regroup and rediscover their form against Utah. The contrasting trajectories of the two teams reflect the fluidity of the NBA season, where momentum and resilience play pivotal roles in shaping outcomes.

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