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Justin Brownlee Joins Asian Games Squad As Jordan Clarkson Takes World Cup Spot

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Justin Brownlee’s dedication and professionalism in supporting Gilas Pilipinas have earned him a role in the Asian Games squad, ensuring that his efforts do not go unrecognized. With NBA player Jordan Clarkson confirming his participation in the Philippines’ co-hosting of the FIBA World Cup, Brownlee’s commitment is recognized by allowing him to reinforce the national team in the Asian Games.

Head coach Chot Reyes conveyed that Brownlee responded professionally to the news, understanding the context of his role as a backup player. Despite his rigorous training with Gilas Pilipinas over the past two months, including a three-week buildup in Europe, Brownlee remained focused on contributing to the team’s preparation.

Reyes noted, “He came in; he knew he would do everything he could to help the team prepare while Jordan was not here. At the same time, being the backup in case, Jordan could not come.”

Currently dealing with ankle bone spurs that have limited his participation in recent practices, Brownlee plans to achieve peak physical condition for the Asian Games in China in September. Given his ankle condition, Brownlee did not attend the practice session at the Meralco Gym in Pasig on Wednesday, July 26.

Reyes shared, “We have decided with the medical and coaching staff to have Justin take care of the bone spurs in his ankle so he’ll be ready for the Asian Games. He is not here with us now because we want him to be a hundred percent for the Asian Games.”

Meanwhile, Jordan Clarkson’s commitment to the FIBA World Cup spotlights his determination to represent the Philippines on the global basketball stage. Clarkson is set to join the team in China on August 6, allowing him to integrate with the team over two weeks before the World Cup begins on August 25.

During their time in China, Gilas Pilipinas is scheduled to participate in a pocket tournament, competing against World Cup-bound teams Lebanon and Iran and the African side Senegal. The national team aims to make the most of Clarkson’s presence during the 18 days he will be with the squad, working to ramp up their preparation and reach peak performance levels.

Reyes emphasized the team’s commitment to readiness, saying, “We are preparing as best we can so that when Jordan comes, we can ramp up and accelerate that preparation to be able to get to near a hundred percent in the 18 days he is going to be with us.”

As Gilas Pilipinas navigates the evolving dynamics of its roster and competition schedule, the team focuses on optimizing its preparation and delivering its best performance on the international stage.

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