April 14, 2024

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Nets soap operas may end up “for now,” and have the least sparking, most boring ending.

This summer, the biggest news that shook the league was that Kevin Durant suddenly asked the Nets for a trade after Kyrie Irving announced his one-year player option.

However, the Nets have been slow to find a new owner for KD. To be correct, the Nets have not been able to find a satisfactory trading partner, so the transaction has not happened. Kevin Durant took the initiative to find the owner of the Nets to reiterate the trade request and put forward conditions for staying in the team because the matter was delayed for too long.

Nets Kevin Durant trade request

More than two weeks ago, KD and Joe Tsai met. At that time, the news was that KD wanted Joe Tsai to choose between him and the team’s executive team. If KD wanted to stay, Marks and Nash would have to be fired, but Joe Tsai was Immediately posted on his Twitter to support the team, and after the meeting, obviously slapped KD. But it also proved once again that the Nets did not disintegrate because of this rumor, but would insist on their position and not sell at a low price.

Nets Kevin Durant's deal is over! The Nets and KD have reached a consensus and will continue to fulfill the contract and challenge for the championship!

For KD, maybe the market has run a circle, and he finally understands that the wind is not what he can ask for, he can’t push the transaction on his own and let the next family get him without too much star power, so as to maintain power. Combat power, he can’t affect the Nets’ chip needs to be revised down, let alone the Nets’ willingness to find a third team to deal with Simmons, who caused the transaction difficulty. From the perspective of the whole market, to promote the transaction, it must meet the needs of the Nets and KD themselves. , are very difficult things.

But it seems that the farce is finally over. Brooklyn suddenly announced on their official Twitter today that they have completed discussions with Kevin Durant. KD will continue to fulfill the remaining four years of his contract and try his best to fight for the Nets. KD, Joe Tsai, Steve Nash, and Sean Marks also held talks in Los Angeles yesterday to discuss KD’s dissatisfaction with Nash and Marks earlier and successfully reconciled. It seems that all the teams actively pursuing Kevin Durant this summer are having a good time.

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