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NorthPort’s JM Calma tops PBA All-Star Big Men Obstacle Course Challenge

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OBSTACLE COURSE KING. NorthPort’s rising star JM Calma clinches the 2024 PBA All-Star Big Men Obstacle Course Challenge title at the University of St. La Salle Gym in Bacolod City on March 23, 2024. PBA PHOTO

In the heart of Bacolod, amidst the cheers and roars of passionate basketball fans, JM Calma, the rising star of NorthPort, showcased not just his physical prowess but also his unwavering composure in clinching the 2024 PBA All-Star Big Men Obstacle Course Challenge. The University of St. La Salle Gym served as the arena where Calma’s calm demeanor and precise skills mesmerized the audience on a thrilling Saturday afternoon, March 23.

Selected as the sixth overall pick in the 2021 PBA draft from San Sebastian College, Calma entered the competition with quiet confidence. As the obstacles loomed ahead, he remained unfazed, channeling his focus into each dribble, pass, and shot.

The obstacle course demanded both agility and accuracy. Dribbling through a slalom course tested Calma’s ball-handling skills, which he maneuvered with grace and precision. 

With each turn, he maintained his rhythm, never faltering under pressure. His passes were crisp, finding their targets with pinpoint accuracy, a testament to his hours of dedicated practice.

As the competition intensified, Calma’s determination only grew stronger. He emerged as the fastest contender, clocking an impressive 26 seconds in the final round. With flawless execution, he secured victory, claiming not only the championship title but also the admiration of fans and peers alike.

Standing alongside him in the championship round were formidable opponents – Santi Santillan of Rain or Shine and James Laput of Magnolia. Yet, Calma remained undeterred, his focus unwavering as he faced each challenge head-on. Santillan and Laput, though valiant in their efforts, couldn’t match Calma’s pace, settling for runner-up honors with respectable clockings of 29 and 39 seconds, respectively.

Reflecting on his journey to victory, Calma expressed gratitude for the opportunity to showcase his skills on such a prestigious stage.

The road to victory was paved with fierce competition. Calma navigated through the early rounds, besting seasoned veterans and emerging talents alike. His victory over reigning champion Dave Marcelo in the first round sent ripples of anticipation through the crowd, signaling his arrival as a force to be reckoned with in Philippine basketball.

With his win, Calma joins the ranks of past champions Beau Belga and Marcelo, etching his name in PBA history. 

Yet, for Calma, this victory is just the beginning of a promising career filled with endless possibilities.

As the cheers subsided and the applause faded, JM Calma stood tall, a symbol of resilience and determination. With his calm demeanor and composed performance, he conquered not only the obstacle course but also the hearts of fans.

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