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Perkins, Williams shine as Phoenix Super LPG secures victory against Blackwater in PBA Commissioner’s Cup

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HARD-FOUGHT WIN. The Phoenix Super LPG hacks out a 111-106 victory over Blackwater in the PBA Commissioner's Cup on Friday, November 24, 2023.

Phoenix Super LPG secured a hard-fought 111-106 victory against Blackwater in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, fueled by the exceptional performances of Jason Perkins and Jonathan Williams.

The win marked Phoenix’s second consecutive triumph, securing a 3-1 record and leaving Blackwater with a challenging 1-3 slate after absorbing a third straight loss.

Perkins, the burly forward for Phoenix, played a pivotal role in the late-game surge, scoring 12 of his team-high 23 points in the crucial payoff period. 

The Fuel Masters found themselves locked in a tight battle with Blackwater, tied at 77-all. Taking the cue from Perkins, the trio of Jonathan Williams, Ricci Rivero, and Javee Mocon joined forces, pushing Phoenix to a commanding 109-101 lead with only 38 seconds left on the clock.

Coach Jamike Jarin commended Perkins not only for his offensive contributions but also for his outstanding defensive efforts, particularly in making it challenging for Blackwater’s import, Chris Ortiz.

Coach Jamike Jarin commended Perkins for his unheralded defensive contributions, emphasizing that despite the statistics not fully capturing it, Perkins excelled in various aspects of the game. Even with Ortiz’s considerable scoring, Jarin expressed pride in how Jason made it challenging for him. Jarin went on to assert that, in his view, Perkins emerged as the standout defensive player in the game showcasing leadership and defensive prowess that might not be immediately evident on the stat sheet.

Perkins, in turn, credited his teammates and Coach Jarin for the team’s success, emphasizing their unity and commitment to playing within the system.

Perkins elaborated on the team’s strategy, stating that they adhere to Coach Jamike’s system. He noted that opponents often leave him open, and the team operates cohesively, circulating the ball to find him in advantageous positions. 

The collective approach, according to Perkins, is a testament to their teamwork, with everyone following the guidance of Coach Jamike, who serves as the team’s leader at the helm.

While celebrating the current record, Coach Jarin remained focused on the journey ahead, emphasizing the long road to the playoffs and the continuous effort needed to improve and prepare for upcoming challenges.

“We’re happy right now, but we can’t go to the playoffs with three wins. So the work continues to get better, to prepare for the coming games,” Jarin said in a PBA report.

Blackwater, despite a remarkable performance from Chris Ortiz, who delivered 35 points, 13 rebounds, and seven assists, couldn’t withstand the late-game surge from Phoenix. 

The Bossing showed resilience, charging back from a 39-52 deficit to stay within striking distance at 49-52 by halftime and knotting the score at 77-all early in the final quarter. 

However, Perkins and the Fuel Masters proved too much to handle in the closing moments, sealing their victory in a thrilling encounter.

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