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SMB’s Jericho Cruz Faces Potential Penalty Following Rare Ejection In PBA On Tour Game

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In a shocking turn of events, Jericho Cruz of the San Miguel Beermen was ejected from the PBA On Tour game against TNT after a controversial incident involving Paul Varilla. The incident occurred during the third quarter when Cruz and Varilla were vying for loose ball possession.

As the battle for the ball intensified, the physicality reached a boiling point, leading to Cruz striking Varilla with his knee while the TNT guard was on the floor of the Ynares Sports Arena. The officials wasted no time penalizing Cruz, assessing him a flagrant foul penalty 2, which resulted in his immediate ejection from the game.

At the time of his ejection, San Miguel held a comfortable 67-52 lead, with Cruz having already contributed an impressive 20 points to his team’s tally. Despite the missing one of their key players, the Beermen managed to maintain their dominance and secured a resounding 111-74 victory, snapping a frustrating five-game losing streak.

The incident’s aftermath left many wondering about the potential consequences for Jericho Cruz. 

PBA commissioner Willie Marcial expressed his intention to meet with Cruz before Beermen’s upcoming match against the Magnolia Hotshots. Marcial emphasized the need to thoroughly review the incident to determine if additional contact occurred besides the knee hit.

Cruz, for his part, spoke out, clarifying that the incident was not intentional and there were no hard feelings between him and Varilla. He attributed the knee hit to the heat of the moment, acknowledging the intensity of the game and the emotions that come with such high-stakes competition.

The occurrence involving Cruz and Varilla was particularly noteworthy as severe altercations among players in the PBA have been rare. When scuffles arise, players often find a way to reconcile and move forward, emphasizing sportsmanship and camaraderie.

San Miguel’s victory, aside from ending their frustrating losing streak, showcased their ability to overcome challenges even when faced with adversity. The absence of key players had played a significant role in their previous defeats, making this win all the more meaningful for the team.

As the league thoroughly reviews the incident involving Jericho Cruz, the repercussions of his actions remain uncertain. The PBA aims to ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of the sport, which may result in a stiffer penalty for Cruz, depending on the outcome of the investigation. Until then, fans and players await the league’s decision, hoping for a just resolution to this unexpected and controversial event.

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