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Team Sibol MLBB Captures Third SEA Games Gold In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

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Sibol MLBB, the Philippines’ national esports team for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB),  has done it again, securing their third consecutive gold medal in the 32nd Southeast Asian Games MLBB tournament.  

The team achieved this milestone by sweeping Malaysia 3-0 in the finals, held at Nagaworld 2 in Phnom Penh on Sunday, May 14.

The Sibol MLBB men’s team, which comprises the core players from Bren Esports, namely Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel, Michael “Kyle” Sayson, Charles “Flaptzy” Canon, Rowgien “Owgwen” Unigo, and Marco “Super Marco” Requitano, along with Nowee “Ryota” Macasa from Onic Philippines, displayed exceptional performance throughout the competition. They showcased their skills, dominated their opponents, and were determined to avenge their previous loss to Malaysia during the group stage.

This victory marked the Philippines’ third gold medal in the esports event since its introduction to the Southeast Asian Games in 2019. 

The Sibol MLBB team continued the country’s dominance in the region, with the previous gold medals won by a selection team primarily composed of the M2-winning Bren Esports squad and a Sibol team powered by the M3 world champions, Blacklist International.

Sibol started the finals series on a strong note, winning the first game convincingly with a score of 19-11. The turning point came during a 25-minute Lord dance, where Sibol eliminated three Malaysian players before pushing for the base. 

Building on the momentum from their Game 1 victory, Sibol maintained their dominance in the second game, winning 16-7 in a wire-to-wire fashion. During team fights, Sibol MLBB’s Charles “Flaptzy” Canon demonstrated impressive strategic gameplay with his effective zoning and backline dives on the Arlott pick. His tactical maneuvers created valuable opportunities for the team to capitalize on and secure advantages in engagements.

In the decisive Game 3, Sibol showcased their relentless pursuit of victory. During objective fights, the dynamic duo of Michael “Kyle” Sayson on jungle Helcurt and Marco “Super Marco” Requitano on gold lane Harith took turns relentlessly punishing the Malaysian players. With Sayson’s calculated ganks and Requitano’s swift rotations, they consistently disrupted the enemy team’s positioning and inflicted significant damage, turning the tide of the fights in Sibol’s favor.

Both players finished with impressive kill-death-assist (KDA) ratios of 6-0-7 and 7-0-5, respectively, leading Sibol to a resounding 21-6 triumph in the final game.

Throughout the series, Sibol displayed exceptional teamwork, strategic decision-making, and strong individual performance. 

In the first two games, Sibol patiently executed their game plan, securing crucial Lord buffs and using them to overpower Malaysia’s defenses. 

In the third game, Sibol opted for a burst lineup, which proved to be highly effective against Malaysia’s team fight-centric lineup. 

The second game was a repeat of the first, with Sibol playing it patiently against Malaysia. The match was a thrilling back-and-forth encounter until the Filipino team managed to secure their fourth consecutive Lord at the 20-minute mark, compelling the Malaysian team to retreat. With all towers demolished, the Filipino squad swiftly advanced into the enemy’s base, securing the crucial match point and claiming victory.

Malaysia, despite their strong performance, settled for the silver medal, marking their first-ever SEA Games MLBB silver medal. Myanmar and Cambodia earned the bronze medals in the event.

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